The theme utilize Drupal Commerce module for it's store.

The Commerce modules uses 3rd party dependencies which can be managed only with Composer. If you don't plan to run shop on your site, I recommend you to uninstall all Commerce and Commerce related modules to prevent future issue while updating your Drupal core.

To uninstall Drupal Commerce modules follow this steps:

Step 1: Delete all Commerce related entities:

  1. Delete all orders (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_order)
  2. Delete all order items (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_order_item)
  3. Delete all payments (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_payment)
  4. Delete all payment methods (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_payment_method)
  5. Delete all product variations (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_product_variation)
  6. Delete all products (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_product)
  7. Delete all stores (/admin/modules/uninstall/entity/commerce_store)

Step 2: Uninstall modules

  1. Go to: Administration > Extend and click on Uninstall tab (/admin/modules/uninstall)
  2. Uninstall all Commerce modules
  3. Uninstall Address module